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Solidax Description:

According to, Solidax ADX was developed by a US company in 2003. Solidax ADX is based on Synephrine, Picolinate and Pyruvate to suppress appetite and to increase the metabolic rate and caloric expenditure, without having the negative central nervous effects of comparable medications. Through Solidax's stimulation of specific adrenergic receptors (beta-3, but not beta-1, beta-2 or alpha-1) Solidax is stimulating fat metabolism without the cardiovascular side effects experienced by some patients using medicaments stimulating beta-adrenergic receptors. weight-loss-institute also claims that the effect of the ingredients contained in Solidax have been proven in controlled laboratory human weight loss studies: (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 56:630-635, 55:771-776)

Solidax ADX
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