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We have tried but failed to find any positive Solidax reviews posted online.  Should you, after taking Solidax, and would like to write a positive Solidax review, please contact us.

Below are some of the Solidax Reviews collected from the Internet:

Solidax Review #1

Well, I tried it [Solidax]. I spent weeks on forums trying to find someone who had tried it and finally gave in and bought it. I am very dissapointed! It came with no literature of any kind, is mostly made up of chromium picolinate, and it states on the bottle to take for 4 months for best results. I felt nothing, no appetite suppresant, no energy, no weight loss. I bought the 28 day supply, and stuck with it for 28 days, and nothing but alot of gas! I can not tell you how dissapointed I am. I do not know what to try that really works. I only want to lose 20 lbs!


Solidax Review #2

According to the promotional material...

"The Solidax diet pill has proven to be one of the most effective non-prescription diet pills on the market."

Wait, it gets better...

"Thought to be revolutionary and the best of all diet pills, Solidax ADX is the most recent in this field. Since many dangerous side effects present in other diet pills do not appear, both health care professionals and patients take a positive view of Solidax ADX..."

"... The American Weight Loss Institute considers Solidax, launched in 2003, the best diet pill on the market."

Of course, my questions after reading this were...

Proven to be most effective by whom? Which health care professionals think so highly of Solidax? Any other than the same ones that are manufacturing and selling the stuff? And the American Weight Loss Institute, as wonderful as it may sound, is not a respected organization, but a Web site that sells Solidax.

So what's in Solidax?

According to retailers at the Weight Loss Institute, Solidax is based on Synephrine, Picolinate and Pyrovate (they don't actually tell us how much of each ingredient is in the formula).


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