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Solidax ADX Reviews

We have tried but failed to find any positive Solidax ADX reviews posted online.  Should you, after taking Solidax, and would like to write a positive Solidax ADX review, please contact us.

Below are some of the Solidax ADX Reviews collected from the Internet:

Solidax ADX Review #1

Well, I tried it [Solidax ADX]. I spent weeks on forums trying to find someone who had tried it and finally gave in and bought it. I am very dissapointed! It came with no literature of any kind, is mostly made up of chromium picolinate, and it states on the bottle to take for 4 months for best results. I felt nothing, no appetite suppresant, no energy, no weight loss. I bought the 28 day supply, and stuck with it for 28 days, and nothing but alot of gas! I can not tell you how dissapointed I am. I do not know what to try that really works. I only want to lose 20 lbs!


Solidax ADX Review #2

Is Solidax ADX a Good Weight Loss Pill?

In our opinion, most likely no. First of all, the information available on the product is scarce, and the information on Solidax ADX that we have found is contradictory and false.

Numerous product materials we have read mention that the American Weight Loss Institute considers it the best diet pill on the market...yet we could not find any information that showed this "institute" was a reputable establishment.

They also mention "health care professionals" and patients" who stand by this product, but cite no specific people...very misleading.

Despite the crazy claims, is Solidax ADX a good weight loss pill? Let's take a look at the ingredients:

1) Synephrine - similar to ephedra, so might be able to speed up metabolism.

2) Picolinate - helps with insulin, not a weight loss supplement.

3) Pyruvate - only effective at extremely high dosages, which Solidax ADX does not provide.

Our Solidax ADX reviews show that this is the entire ingredient that can assist in weight loss, one that balances insulin, and one that isn't present in the amount necessary to have an effect.

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