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Solidax Ingredients

We do not know the exact ingredients of Solidax.  However, according to, Solidax are based on Synephrine, Picolinate, and Pyruvate to control appetite and to increase the metabolic rate and calorie consumption.

Synephrine is a dietary supplement aimed at encouraging fat loss. While its effectiveness is widely debated, it has gained significant popularity as an alternative to the (U.S.) banned ephedra. Synephrine is derived from the fruit plant zhi shi, also known as green orange, sour orange, and bitter orange.

Pyruvate (CH3COCOO−) is the ionized form of pyruvic acid. It is an important chemical compound in biochemistry. It is the output of the breakdown of glucose known as glycolysis, and (in aerobic respiration) the main input for the citric acid cycle via acetyl CoA. It can be converted to oxaloacetate, an intermediate of the TCA cycle by an anaplerotic reaction. In anaerobic respiration, pyruvate from glycolysis can be converted to lactate using the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase and the coenzyme NADH (in lactate fermentation), or to acetaldehyde and then to ethanol (in alcoholic fermentation).

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