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According to TV commercials run on Chinese television networks in the United States as well as newspaper advertisements in Chinese communities, Akai rice is a specialty rice imported from France.

A testimonial about Akai rice can be found on the Internet as follows:

Akai Rice Company, Alhambra, California

I’m a retired immigrant from Japan. I first saw Akai rice company’s
television advertising. The paid program showed how eating this Akai rice helps improve constipation and over weight. So, I decided to visit Akai rice company’s store in Alhambra, California. I brought two boxes of the Akai rice and have them delivered to my home. I cooked the Akai rice once per day, full pot, using electric rice cooker. Followed their recommended cooking instruction.

I eat twice a day, for lunch and dinner. Loved the satisfying taste of
the Akai rice. Every meal takes me about 30 minutes. I always chew about 15 times then swallow. (It’s the Japanese way of eating healthy.)

The first meal I eat the Akai rice from Alhambra, California, I feel full
and no gas in the stomach. Next day, I can go to the bathroom and
eliminate normally. Since, I had constipation for few years now. This is significant improvement. About a week or so, I noticed my abdominal area start slimming down. At my age, that is of great importance. It means excess weight off and out of my body. I feel better like a load is literally off me.

I sleep better at night. Have more energy during the day. Work on my garden more. Enjoy my family’s presence and interactions with neighbors. Of course, I don’t buy the process white or brown rice from the market anymore.

Regular eats this Akai rice from Alhambra, California. It’s being 6 years now since I started eating Akai rice as part of my main meals. I do free advertising for the Akai rice company anytime I meet with people or when they comment why I am full of life.

Again, I feel I just start to enjoy my life now. Can’t emphasize enough about eating the right kind of foods. Follow the food pyramid, eat most is high fiber carbohydrate-Akai rice from Alhambra, California. Heirloom, live germinated rice grains. and with two kinds of fibers. It’s not miracle just 100% ancient original.

However, another post indicate that Akai rice is a rip off.  Details below:

Akai rice people are massively advertising their commercials about the magic rice in the Asian television stations. These so call Organic Rice was claim came from Camargue, France. Akai rice company claims the rice can help people drop their weight tremendously, lower your sugar level so diabetic patients do not need to continue their medication. From their television commercials, they claim rice came from Camargue will change black skin horses into white skin.

Many AKAI Rice customers (as shown to be actual customer in their TV commercial) claim they improve their skin tone, lower their sugar level and lose weight. However, people do not know about these so call customers are all family relatives. First their parent –in-laws were in the commercial (a old couple) claim their diabetic condition dramatically improved after eating AKAI rice, but later the in-laws realized they're being rip off for investing thousand of dollars into the company, they finally back out. Then there is the so call a bank manager and a Doctor; the bank manager was fire from the bank and the Doctor already established a bad reputation for ripping people off.

Therefore, for people, who are reading this, please tell others not fall for it. You can buy these rice at any locate supermarket. These so call AKAI Camargue rice nothing but purchased from a locate farm product distributor in Brea, California. Believe me, I used to work for them, the company was operating by a husband and wife. They scam people, you see them drive expensive cars, but they actually lease them and living in a hotel in Monterey Park. There is a long history about the owner, Jackson Chung, who scams older and disable people to buy $5000 worth of vitamins claims to improve their physical hand-cap condition few years back, if you ask around in Los Angeles area, you will find out a lot more scams Jackson had pull.

I urgently warning people not to spend money on these company, just go the WholeFood, you will find many better grade of rice.

Woodland, California

We will be researching Akai rice for you.  More information will be provided in the future.

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