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The Viagra Alternative
by Marc Bonnard M.D.
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Viagra Alternatives

Ulti~Mate Tiger
(Previous Known as For Her 1-2-3)

Ulti~Mate Tiger is a male enhancement formula developed based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicines.  Each of the Ulti~Mate Tiger ingredients has shown to increase male sexual stamina, and was used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the purpose.

In a laboratory experience conducted in Houston, TX about Ulti~Mate Tiger, it has shown to increase the genitals of mice.

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Ulti~Mate Tiger Reviews:

Review #1

Just a note to let you know that I have used your Ulti-Mate Tiger for about 1 year now and it really does work. More specifically, I have added one-half inch to my pen-is length since using your product. It is slightly bigger around also. If that is not enough I noticed immediately that it gets harder during erection than before I began using your product. I checked out the ingredients of Ulti-Mate Tiger in Dr. Marc Bonnard, M.D.'s book the Viagra Alternative and your ingredients are all mentioned as effective natural ingredients for erectile issues.

Your product works best for me if I take a week's break from using it every 80 days.


Review #2

From Eddie R., San Francisco:

Your product is fantastic!

Again I would like to say how enthusiastic I am about your products. I wish I could try a sample of each of your products. Maybe you could have a special offer to you customers to get a sample for a certain price of each of your product line.

Your product is fantastic!


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Ulti~Mate Tiger
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