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The Viagra Alternative
by Marc Bonnard M.D.
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Viagra Alternatives

Ulti~Mate Tiger Research
(Previous Known as For Her 1-2-3)

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Animal experiments conducted by ImmunoTech Laboratories, CTTC, Houston, TX, USA, demonstrated that Ulti~Mate Tiger enlarged the sizes of genitals of mice.

Two groups of mice with the same body weight were fed separately, one group with physiological saline (placebo group), the other with Ulti~Mate Tiger (For Her 1-2-3). After two (2) weeks of administration, the mice’s genitals were measured, revealing increased genital size and weight in the study group receiving Ulti~Mate Tiger.




Treating Period

Length of Penis

Weight of Penis

Placebo Group


14 days



For Her 1-2-3


14 days

7.3±0.837mm  737.00±0.13mg

 A subsequent human trial generated a similar result: 98% of the participants experienced genital growth of 0.5-2cm, after using Ulti~Mate Tiger/For Her 1-2-3 for 15 - 20 days. Sexual potency also improved.



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Ulti~Mate Tiger
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One month dosage. Dietary supplement.