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YoungAlways SkinTech

Information about Phil Ming Xu, president of YoungAlways SkinTech products.

YoungAlways Skintech Product:

Curcumin, the active ingredient in the spice, turmeric, is an agent shown to be beneficial to the skin when used topically. It has been used in different skin conditions, and particularly those associated with inflammation and some forms of skin damage (Baumann L. Skin & Allergy News May 2005). Curcumin appears to influence complex biochemical inflammatory pathways in skin conditions associated with red and scaly skin conditions, with a end result of enabling damaged skin to return to a more normal appearance.

YoungAlways SkinTech is a cosmeceutical specially formulated for red, scaly or sun-damaged skin. In its pure form, curcumin is not absorbed through the skin. YoungAlways SkinTech is a patented formulation that allows absorption of curcumin through the skin with efficacy.


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