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Psoriasis Remedies

We have collected some of the psoriasis remedies on the Internet, hoping to help people who are suffering from psoriasis.

If your psoriasis problem has been cured, please let us know which psoriasis remedy you used so that others can be helped as well.  Thank you.

Free Natural Psoriasis Remedies

1. The Sunlight.. With regular doses of intense sun, 95 percent of psoriasis sufferers improve. (The Dead Sea area of Israel is famous for its climatotherapy, and many people regularly travel to sunny climes.)

2. The Lamp. A small UVB sunlamp could treat patches of psoriasis. Each person's needs vary, so consult your doctor first. You may prefer the UVA light found in tanning parlors, but it's weaker and needs much more time to work.

Psoriasis Remedies

Below are some of the things that might help people with Psoriasis

* Avocado Oil
* Cashew nut oil
* Buttermilk
* Vitamin E

Ayurvedic Supplements / applications

* Neem Guard
* Liverol Strong
* Neem ka Tail (Oil)
* Chalmungra Oil (Tubrak)

Other Psoriasis Remedies

Dead Sea Salt Psoriasis Cream

According to the manufacturer of this psoriasis cream, Dead Sea Salt Psoriasis Cream provides relief from itching, redness, and scaling associated with psoriasis and eczema. The manufacturer admits that there is no cure for psoriasis. However, it claims that Dead Sea Salt Psoriasis Cream can improve your skin's appearance when an outbreak of psoriasis occurs. It recommends nonprescription ingredients used to treat the symptoms of psoriasis include aloe vera as a moisturizer and Dead Sea salts, used for centuries to treat psoriasis. Dead Sea Salt Psoriasis Cream does not contains harsh chemicals.

Dead Sea Salt Psoriasis Cream

* is made with 36% pure aloe vera gel
* is non-greasy; won't stain clothing
* is to be used during outbreaks to help relieve dry, itchy, scaly skin on legs, hands, scalp, and more
* Helps reduce redness
* Contains genuine Dead Sea salts (used for centuries by psoriasis sufferers)


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