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Diamaxol Reviews

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Diamaxol Reviews

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Ingredients of Diamaxol

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Diamaxol Reviews from Users

Positive Diamaxol Reviews

Positive Diamaxol Review No. 1

This stuff [Diamaxol] is awesome, Praise God for the knowledge God has given you, to help all of us.

Summerfield, Florida

Positive Diamaxol Review No. 2

I have used Diamaxol now for over a year and it has done wonders. Before, and while regularly using Avandia and Glipizide as my physician recommended, my blood sugar would hit 240+ if I had too much in carbs, fat, or sugar, but now it never goes beyond the 160 mark no matter what I consume.  My normal range is now between 90 and 120, with only the occasional spike to 160 if I do some kind of stupid over-indulgence. My average for the last 60 days is 112. I am appreciative of such innovative products as Diamaxol.

Michael Viets, PhD

Diamaxol Review #3

It's been working for me. I've been taking for 3 months now and fasting levels down from 190 to 120 and still going strong. I got my aunt to use it too and she's doing well with it. It's a herbal remedy been trying to figure out how it does it.


Diamaxol Review #4

I took Diamaxol but it wasn't until 5 weeks before i noticed some improvement. i still take it now and hope to get better. fbs down to 160 now and hope to get to 100 in next couple months.




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