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Diabeticine Reviews

We have tried to collect reviews about Diabeticine on the Internet.  All of them seem to be genuine.  Some reviews are negative. Most of the reviews are positive.  Please see below for selected Diabeticine reviews:

New Reviews:

This stuff [Diabeticine] is awesome, Praise God for the knowledge God has given you, to help all of us.

I was on it three days, and now I am off Insulin all together. This will be told to everyone that I know. Thank you very much.

Summerfield, Florida

I have used Diabeticin now for over a year and it has done wonders. Before, and while regularly using Avandia and Glipizide as my physician recommended, my blood sugar would hit 240+ if I had too much in carbs, fat, or sugar, but now it never goes beyond the 160 mark no matter what I consume.  My normal range is now between 90 and 120, with only the occasional spike to 160 if I do some kind of stupid over-indulgence. My average for the last 60 days is 112. I am appreciative of such innovative products as Diabeticin.

Michael Viets, PhD

Negative Diabeticine Reviews

I had hoped that "Diabeticine" would help my condition.  To the contrary, my blood sugar is almost 50 points higher than it was when I started.  I wish you better luck elsewhere.


Positive Diabeticine Reviews:

Diabeticine Review #1

It's been working for me. I've been taking for 3 months now and fasting levels down from 190 to 120 and still going strong. I got my aunt to use it too and she's doing well with it. It's a herbal remedy been trying to figure out how it does it.


Diabeticine Review #2

I took Diabeticine but it wasn't until 5 weeks before i noticed some improvement. i still take it now and hope to get better. fbs down to 160 now and hope to get to 100 in next couple months.


Diabeticine Review #3

I'm into my third week with Diabeticine. Have gone off all prescribed medication and blood levels are holding low. Am feeling better than I have in years. If this continues, I won't go back to my medication at all. My medication was Avandamet. It was about three times more expensive than Diabeticiine. My doctor probably will have a cow when I tell him, but after all, four blood readings a day don't lie.


Diabeticine Review #4

My daughter has type 1 diabetes. diabeticine has definately helped she has been on it for 10 days and her insuline has decreased I am very happy .Just a note for all type 1 keep a close sugar testing regime the sugars suddenly drop take the level at night and then in the morning after about six days the sugars fall insuline is decreased almost 40%..anyone who is on this with type one please keep in touch by mail

Diabeticine Review #5

I'm type 2 for over 5 years now and I've been taking diabeticine given by my doctor at a clinic in Kentucky. So far, 3 months later my blood sugar levels are consistently in the normal range! I thought I had to buy this directly from the clinic but I see that it can be bought on line. I have been exercising and eating better though too per my doctors recommendation and that surely helped. Blood from mid-200's down to below 150 now. No more insulin! I haven't tried anything else but they may work as well.


Diabeticine Review #6

I bought diabeticine a month ago and have been taking it as directed and so far blood sugar from 280+ down to 200. I bought the buy 2 get, get one free so have two more bottles yet to go. Sor far so good. I aslo heard good things about the 'diabetes healthy pack' too and it may also do the job. Whatever you do, try something..don't just sit there and let bad things happen to you. If you want to talk to me, post a reply with you email and i'll contact you directly.

Jack, the Guru-Geek

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