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Certified Chinese Translator

Certified Mandarin (Chinese) Interpreter in Los Angeles

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California Court Certified Mandarin Chinese Interpreter
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Certified Mandarin and Cantonese Interpreter/Translator in San Francisco

Other Information Regarding Certified Mandarin (Chinese) Interpreters in Los Angeles
Article: Why You Should Use a Court Certified Mandarin Interpreter in California

The California Judicial Council now certifies court interpreters for Chinese Mandarin.  Should you wish to have a certified Mandarin interpreter to interpret for you in a court in Los Angeles, please feel free to contact us

We provide court certified Mandarin (Chinese) interpreters such as

Samuel Chong (Court Certified Mandarin/English Interpreter #301138), one of the  25 court certified Mandarin Chinese interpreters in the State of California (as of Aug 18, 2007). See his court certified Mandarin interpreter certificate and American Translators Association associate member certificate.

It is now required by law that any person interpreting for the court should be either a certified or a registered interpreter.

As a certified Chinese translator or a certified Mandarin interpreter, one is required to pass a written exam and an oral exam.  An oral exam is consisted of three parts: Consecutive Interpretation, Sight Translation, and Simultaneous Interpretation.

As of Aug 18, 2007,  there are only about two dozen certified Chinese translators in California.  Therefore, due to high demand, the cost for a certified Chinese translator is relatively high.

Besides providing certified Chinese translators, we also cooperate with Chinese travel agencies in the United States to provide any other services that you might need.

Certified Chinese Translation

We also provide certified Chinese translation services.  If you plan to set up a company in China, the government agencies in China would require your English documents to be translated with a company seal along with a statement of certified Chinese translation.  Then, your document would need to be notarized.

We can provide these services for you.


Oral Interpretation by Certified Mandarin Interpreter in Los Angeles: $180/hour

Written Translation by Certified Chinese Translator in Los Angeles: $0.55/English Word

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