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The Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center can provide you and your company with invaluable instruction and training, utilizing our extensive network of business specialists in China, local Chinese business specialists and customized Chinese language and culture solutions for your inside track to business success in China.

Language Instruction

Let us know what kind of language training you want and need. We can help you make that determination and will be happy to customize a language program that suits your needs, incorporating relevant vocabulary and terminology for your preferred business sector, taught by an experienced, industry insider.

Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center allows you to:

Become Familiarized with Chinese Customers - We tailor our language instruction so that you will become familiar with Chinese customers' expectations, their concerns, their needs, as well as insights from local competitors.

Manage Chinese Employees More Effectively - Our customized program allows you to communicate more effectively with Chinese employees by incorporating Chinese corporate customs and business cultures into yours, as well as advice on interpersonal relationships between friends and employees.

Communicate Powerfully in China - Communications in Chinese business culture are not undertaken as directly as is done in an American business setting. Our instructors will teach you ways to communicate indirectly yet confidently in China.

Instructors at Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center have a diverse background. Some have worked at state corporations in China; others have worked in the private sector. However, one common trait is that they all understand "Guanxi", that is, trusted business relations in a network of friends and business associates in China. Read about "Guanxi, an Important Business Element", and start building "Guanxi" here in Los Angeles through the Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center!

Sample Corporate Curriculum
(Two Month Class)


Introduction to understanding and speaking Chinese for Business Use. Students acquire language functions, vocabulary, structures and culture through contextualized presentation, interactive activities and extensive laboratory practice. Students are expected to handle simple phone conversation and business negotiation/discussion in Chinese upon completing the intensive course. Common phrases or sentences in the manufacturing sector will be taught to meet your company's need. Executives will also learn simple traveling communication for business trip in China. For beginning students or students who have limited knowledge about Mandarin Chinese.


  • Free make up lessons
  • Dial-in lesson options
  • Free Chinese movie database
  • Free conversational partners


By the end of the 8-week term you should be able to do the following:

  • understand predictable basic questions and commands in familiar topics
  • understand speech on familiar topics at a slower than normal speed
  • interact orally on familiar topics including business negotiation and travel
  • use language for personal communications needs, ask and answer questions and request clarification as needed
  • handle simple phone conversation in Chinese
  • handle simple communication in Chinese for business trip
  • learn common phrase/sentence in your field
  • handle business discussion/negotiation in Chinese
  • demonstrate familiarity with selected aspects of Chinese culture(s)
  • look up Chinese dictionary


Conversational Chinese 301 (with 6 audio tapes)


A Chinese-English/English-Chinese Dictionary


You will be expected to prepare TEXTBOOK MATERIAL BEFORE each class. Read over the grammar explanations in each lesson, and complete homework for each lesson.


Week 1: Lesson 1, Conversational Chinese 301
Introduction to Chinese language, tones, and characters
Homework: Review Lesson 1 and preview lesson 2

Week 2: Lesson 2, Conversational Chinese 301
Greetings and self-introduction, numbers, pronunciation, character strokes
Homework: Be prepared to introduce yourself and each other in class.

Week 3: Lesson 3, Conversational Chinese 301
Learning Chinese for Business Use including dates, work, pronunciation practice etc.
Homework: Introduce your company

Week 4: Lesson 4, Conversational Chinese 301
Common Conversation for traveling use (hotel, restaurant, airport and taxi)
Homework: Role-play for hotel check - in, ordering dishes and flight scheduling.

Week 5: Lesson 5, Conversational Chinese 301
Phone Conversation Exercise
Homework: Discuss a project/proposal over the phone

Week 6: Lesson 6, Conversational Chinese 301
Common phrase/sentence in manufacturing industry
Homework: Describe one of your company's products

Week 7: Lesson 7, Conversational Chinese 301
Learn Chinese in a cultural and social context
Homework: Present one of the Chinese cities to the class

Week 8: Lesson 8, Conversational Chinese 301
A session for revision and questions


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