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Clean Corporate Comedian
Fake Motivational Speaker

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Magician Private Party
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Ventriloquist Corporate Entertainment


  • Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Manhattan, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Jose, Houston, Miami, Washington D.C., etc.

With Special Talents


 "Wow"   Venetian, Las Vegas

"Side splitting Act"   Campbell Soup

"Incredible Talent"    California State Fair

"Outstanding Performance"  General Mills 

"You Spoiled Us"    U.S. Dept Of Justice

"Bravo"    Hewlwtt Packard 

"Best Show In 21 Year History"   U.S. Dept. Of Forestry 


"He literally had people laughing so hard they were tearing"  
Energy Absorption Systems Inc. 



(With Clean Corporate Comedian)

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”  Victor Borge

Our clean corporate comedian studies your product or service, gets inside information on key people in your organization and then writes a comedy show, roasting and lampooning what you do and the people who do it. Mixing his skills as a ventriloquist, magician, illusionist and stand up comic, he creates a unique, refreshingly funny show like you’ve never seen before. Our clean corporate comedian had us on the edge of our seats wondering what was coming next. I never laughed so hard in my life” Benetech Corporation.

Our clean corporate comedian received a letter from another of his clients. She said she felt compelled to write because the employees were still laughing about the show several months after the event.  


“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing“
Michael Pritchard

You come up with a subject or scenario and Our clean corporate comedian will use his 20 years of comedy writing experience to customize a speech to deliver to your audience.  Only you and a few others know that Our clean corporate comedian is an impostor. Pretending to be an expert in that field, people are lead down a path which is believable at first, and then little by little he stretches the bounds of credibility.  They can’t believe what they are hearing.  At this point, people are shaking their heads, wondering if this guy is crazy or what?  Finally, someone starts quietly laughing - then others. Soon, roaring laughter fills the room as they realize the joke is on them. What a great way to boost the energy of your event.


California Department of Forestry
"Superb Performance    "I can say without hesitation and without question that you provided the very best entertainment in our 16 year history !!!"

General Mills, Inc.
"Outstanding Performance      "I have heard nothing but positive comments from our employees. YOU made this the best event yet!"

Browning Ferris Industries
"The most hilarious act I’ve ever seen"   "For many years he has provided our company with a very professional show. He is one of the most hilarious acts I’ve ever seen."

"Fast paced.... kept everyone on the edge of their seats      "I heard comments of  - best ever - most hilarious - I haven't laughed so hard in my life. Everyone wondered "How did he find out all of those personal facts? We recommend Our clean corporate comedian to anyone - any group - who wants the best, wittiest, most creative, and genuinely funny....... form of entertainment!!!"

Campbell Soup
"Extremely Funny and professional      "He has performed for us before and we hope he will perform for us again......and soon. If you are looking for a side-splitting act I highly recommend Our clean corporate comedian! A truly outstanding performance"

Dokken Engineering
"Captivating and creative      "Our clean corporate comedian was told 'Just make us laugh!', and boy did he. We hoped it would never end. You would be crazy not to talk to Our clean corporate comedian before your next event. Actually, you would be crazy to talk to anyone but Our clean corporate comedian for you next event. Our clean corporate comedian is extremely professional and hilariously funny."

Schultze, Wallace & O' Neil, Inc.
"Great and wonderful show     "you made our event such a complete success!!! It was amazing how funny your personal comedy skits were, even though you were dealing with a bunch of 'DULL' accountants. In fact, here at the office, we are still talking about the show. Thank you for the best show ever."

A. Teichert & Son, Inc.
"Outstanding Performance     "Everyone has commented on the great job that you did in personalizing the act specifically for the group. Your performance made it an enjoyable, all around fun evening."

Continental Cablevision
"Our employees raved about your show.     "As you walk through the halls you hear people laughing and reliving parts of the show. We were looking for something different and unique, and we sure got it!!! The only bad comments were of the side aches they had the next day from laughing so hard."

Refrigeration Design Company
"Funny - Entertaining - Creative & Professional"      "We have hired a variety of performers and by comparison your show was definitely the best ever. We loved the personal touch.  All I can say is WOW WOW WOW."

U. S. Department of Justice
"You Spoiled Us"       "I don't know how we will ever be able to top this show. As diverse an audience as our office is, you act seemed to perfectly suit the crowd."

Rotary International
"Extremely witty      "It is a privilege to recommend Our clean corporate comedian! He thoroughly captivated the audience. His show is remarkable. If you want a truly professional, fast moving, laughter filled program, Our clean corporate comedian is the man to call. "

Hewlett Packard
"Bravo     "Another job well done. You were a gem. Your flexibility and professionalism were a pleasure. The comedic talent you displayed was great. To top it all you were just fun to be around."

Automotive Service Council
"Outrageously Funny"       "I was pleasantly surprised when your name came up 3 weeks after our event, we talked about a joke you told, and had another good laugh. Thank you, Our clean corporate comedian."

Dell Webb's Sun City Roseville
"Magical         "We loved you and will definitely be having you back!!!"

El Dorado Builder's Exchange
"Wonderful We have never received unanimous appreciation of the program like we did this year. We got rave reviews. Members were surprised by how you were able to incorporate their names and idiosyncrasies into your act."

Energy Absorption Systems, Inc.
"Fantastic      "He captivated the audience for the entire length of his show. He literally had people laughing so hard that they were tearing."

WECO Aerospace Systems, Inc.
"Exciting"    "Everyone that attended had a fabulous time. People were saying 'it was the best party we ever had'. We're definitely going to have you back."

Valley Communications
"Absolutely Terrific"      "What can I say except, our party was a big success. Everyone had great things to say about you. You definitely added that 'special touch' to our evening"

NEC Electronics, Inc.
"Outstanding"       "I received numerous compliments that evening and calls the following day on how great the entertainment was and what a great time everyone had. You definitely helped make me, the event coordinator, look good. Thanks again."

TDK Systems
"Excellent"       "Everyone in attendance were laughing heartily from the moment he began until the conclusion of his act. I was especially impressed with his ability to tailor the show to our company specifically, based on a few questions that he asked before the show. What an enjoyable evening."

American Society of Civil Engineers, Younger Member Forum
"Amazing"      "Our clean corporate comedian's Ventriloquist, jokes and exciting magic tricks were equally amusing to both young and old at a crowd that is notoriously a 'tough crowd' to please."

KAR Products Inc.
Exceptional Job "Your wit and humor were brilliantly displayed. It is evident that you spent a lot of time researching my company and personnel, in the fun filled show you put on for us."

Sacramento Legal Secretaries Association (letter #1)
…Your show was exceptional!!! We are getting such great feedback-unlike any we have ever received. You were the highlight on our weekend. Everyone was laughing for so long. Every time I think of the conference I have a smile on my face, and it’s your show that I’m thinking of. You are a true professional.

Sacramento Legal Secretaries Association (letter #2)
…What a great show you put on. Everyone laughed themselves silly—and you were certainly the center of conversation on Sunday morning. Keep up the good work and if I ever hear you are performing, I’ll try to be there.

Rix Industries
…We all enjoyed your show and are still laughing about your dog Harvey’s attitude and behavior. You hit the nail on the head many times during the audience participation portion of the show.  I was impressed that your show was so tastefully done. I don’t remember ever seeing all of our employees enjoy themselves so much.

Blueline Construction
…We cannot thank you enough for helping make our party a huge hit and one to remember for years to come. Outstanding Job !!! You were so funny you brought many members to tears they were laughing so hard. You were still a topic of conversation a week later out in the field and in our office. We absolutely loved your dog Harvey. We hope he is alive and well and can back to see us next year. Thanks again Our clean corporate comedian, for the unbelievable performance by you and "Harvey."

Your show was something that we talked and laughed about for days after the party. We especially loved the way you personalized the show for us, knowing just what to say and who to say it about.  One person commented she laughed so hard her face hurt!

Levitch Construction
Thank you for the wonderfully animated comic act.  You were very, very funny. I laughed so hard that tears came to my eyes. You did an excellent job in weaving an act around the information I supplied you with. Great Job!!

Legislative Data Center
…Outstanding entertainment…Guests were very impressed with your act and several people informed me that they would be contacting you for future engagements. Guests told me that this was the best retirement luncheon they have attended because of the professional entertainment you provided.

As a clean corporate comedian, Our clean corporate comedian has recently booked corporate entertainments in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Texas, Miami, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Atlanta, Kansas City, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Minneapolis, Fairbanks, San Jose, San Diego, Phoenix, Fresno, Boise, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. Virginia Beach,


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