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Our Chinese Language Textbooks

Below is a list of Mandarin Chinese language textbooks that we use when we give out lessons. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to order the books and study Mandarin Chinese on your own.

Please also see Children's Chinese Reader, one of the Chinese books for children.

1. My Chinese Classroom (with one CD and English & Japanese explanations)
-- Conversations for daily life, for traveling, and for business.


Chinese Books

This Chinese textbook is published in Shanghai.  It contains one CD attached in the back of the book.  The lessons include
1. Hello!  2. Are you British?
3. Do you have coffee?  4. Do you have time this evening?
5. I will work overtime on Sunday 6. Where is Yu Yuan Garden?
7. Do you like Xiaolongbao? 8. I want home delivery
9. Yesterday I caught a cold 10. Can you help me wash this?

This textbook focuses on real life backgrounds in Shanghai, and it would be ideal for people who plan to travel to Shanghai.

It includes one CD.  The textbook includes English and Japanese notations.  The CDs are in Chinese only.

Price: $50.  Mail Order Price: $59

2. Conversational Chinese 301 (with 6 tapes)
Language Textbook

With 40 lessons, this book is for people who want to focus on conversational Chinese. Users of this book will be able to handle basic conversational skills. All lessons contains English translation and explanation. This is the most practical and popular book for learning basic Chinese conversational skills.

The book includes 6 tapes. Price (with 6 tapes): $50. Mail Order Price: $59  The tapes are in Chinese only.

3. Chinese Flash Cards for Kids (Beginner Level, Numbers and Colors)
- Chinese Vocabulary Cards for Kids
Chinese Flash Cards for Kids

This set of Chinese flash cards are excellent for kids and adults.

The Chinese flash cards contain Chinese vocabularies of numbers and colors.

Price: $9.99  Mail Order: $7 for shipping and handling fees

$9.99 +$7 for shipping and handling costs

4. Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters (Simplified Chinese Characters)
language books

This Chinese character textbook is specifically designed for English speakers who wish to learn Chinese characters. With 20 lessons, users of this book will be able to learn approximately 800 Chinese characters efficiently. (Once you learned this 800, the rest 2,200 of the 3,000 commonly used Chinese characters will be easy!)

This book is recommended by Roddy, an Irish learning Chinese in Beijing.

"There are lots of books that will claim to teach you Chinese characters, and I'm only going to recommend one of them. Entitled the 'Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters' the book does actually go some way to living up to its title. Most of the textbooks I have seen give you a text and then ask you to learn characters from the text. While this is all very well, it ignores the patterns of structure and composition in Chinese characters. This book doesn't give you any texts, but instead asks you to learn characters according to similarity - for example, all characters with the water radical, or all characters composed of two other characters side by side. This means you are learning characters in sets and groups rather than individually. A very good book indeed, and I credit it with teaching me to read Chinese. Or at least, with teaching me to learn that Chinese which I can read."

$30.00 +$9 for shipping and handling costs


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