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The Acting Corps believes that to do anything well, you must do it every day. And when it comes to acting, you must also have a clear goal in mind and choose training that provides practical tools that get you out of the classroom and into auditions and paying acting jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To this end the Acting Corps has created the original Actors' Boot Camp. Favoring a daily, concentrated approach, as well as the practical and effective over the self serving and the vague, The Actors' Boot Camp is a 4-week, every day, in your face acting program which uses only the practical elements of the Meisner Technique and immediately applies these elements to Cold Reading and Scene Study.

All Acting Corps classes are small so that everyone works extensively in every class and instructors are accomplished actors and directors (mostly MFA graduates from Harvard, Yale, and Rutgers) who are currently out there doing it, not just talking about it.

Afterwards there is The Actors' Boot Camp II, which concentrates on deepening acting technique as you learn about the industry and where you fit in, as well as what it's really like to work in front of the camera on a film or television set. By the end of these 8 weeks actors are fully expected to begin AUDITIONING.

For those working on specific career goals, there is The Advanced Program and The Master Class. The Advanced Program offers six rotating months of study in all the genres, like film, theater, commercials, sitcoms, comedy, and episodic, while the Master Class with Artistic Director Eugene Buica focuses on career development, artistic excellence, and generating Acting Corps film projects. For the latest information and availability visit the website at or call 818.753.2800 to set up an interview.

For the latest information and availability visit the website at or call 818.753.2800 to set up an interview.

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