The Actor’s Boot Camp

So many “intensive” courses out there, so many inauthentic (ok, fake) versions of The Actors’ Boot Camp, so many out of work actors clamoring for your hard earned pesos…What can you do? Use your gut instinct, you will know what is true and what is false.

Now, the question that is always asked of us: what distinguishes The Acting Corps and The Actors’ Boot Camp from all the others, and what makes it the very best acting training in Los Angeles? OK, do you have a minute?
Here it is:

The Boot Camp Classes:

Technique (TWICE a week): The Meisner Technique, largely based on an old Stanislavski exercise has been misinterpreted, interpreted, and reinterpreted for about 100 years. We are no different in that respect. We are different in that our interpretation is based ONLY on what WORKS for actors on the battle field called show business. So we take and apply only the CURRENTLY useful elements of the Meisner work and train actors how to connect deeply, personally, and courageously.

Cold Reading(ONCE a week) : No secret here other than your being trained by active, currently working professional actors and directors, how to work with a brand new scene and brand new character, and how to make INSTANT choices that turn bring you to life to the point that they are brought to life to the point that they give you a job.

Scene Study(ONCE a week): OK, a scene is a unit of action, or conflict usually, in a movie or a play. A scene is the unit that actors work with and prepare. The Actors Boot Camp at The Acting Corps is unique in that we actually teach you HOW to prepare a scene, and HOW to fix your acting in a scene, and HOW to APPLY acting technique in a scene. To be honest, 95% of all acting teachers DIRECT actors in scenes, but they never TEACH actors the process of finding it themselves. We do not do that at The Actors’ Boot Camp and at The Acting Corps. We make sure that you apply practical acting tools to scene work. We make sure that you walk away with a technique which is instantly applicable. We make sure you get your money’s worth.

The Actors’ Instrument (ONCE a week): There are emotional blocks that impede us from doing our best work and they express themselves physically. So how do you overcome these emotional blocks that are physically expressed so that you can respond fully, authentically, and spontaneously to the moment? Exactly - that’s why this class is such an important part of The Original Actors’ Boot Camp.

The Daily Acting Workout: No, not an aerobics class, but an acting workout, working the above mentioned technique for an entire HOUR on your feet every day.

Look, the bottom line is that you need to do this every day if you’re going to be any good at it. And you need to do this with trained, currently working professional ACTORS and DIRECTORS, not professional teachers. And you need to do it extensively, at least 90 minutes a day ON YOUR FEET.

We know of no other place than the original Actors’ Boot Camp at The Acting Corps that offers all this because if we did we wouldn’t have had to build our school, our technique, and our reputation. But we did have to build it and now we have you to thank for making us the top acting school in Los Angeles... We wish you well as you trudge the road towards your fullest creative potential.

Eugene Buica
Founder and Artistic Director
The Acting Corps and The Actors’ Boot Camp

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