The Acting Corps in North Hollywood
-an acting school offering acting classes to the residents of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Glendale, and North Hollywood-

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The Acting Corps is proud to be a North Hollywood acting school. Acting classes in North Hollywood used to either teach a defunct or outdated version of Strasberg’s Method or The Meisner Technique - but that is no longer the case. Now North Hollywood has become NOHO, or the NOHO arts district – it is a vibrant community with 40 theaters and scores of innovative, courageous artists bringing North Hollywood and the Valley into the 21st century.

The Acting Corps, formerly housed in the Pacific Building on Hollywood Boulevard realized that in order to serve the communities of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Glendale, and North Hollywood, a move to NOHO would be ideal for a few reasons. In the first place, there is TONS of parking here. There is little or no crime, none that we’ve noticed. Then the idea that to bring the spirit of innovation to a former culturally discarded neighborhood would be a challenge worth taking up. So here we are, a North Hollywood acting school, and quite happy to be here.

All of our actors find it extremely convenient. From Beverly Hills and Bel Air it is about 25 minutes to get here, from Hollywood, about 10. From Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, and Glendale between 10-15 minutes and of course, if you live in North Hollywood, and many actors do, you can just walk.

Our building is a brand new, three theater state of the art facility. Every actor who walks into the Acting Corps remarks how clean, professional, and functional the space is, and for good reason – it was DESIGNED as an acting school.

The quality of instruction, yes, that matters too, is second to none. All of our instructors are CURRENTLY working professionals, holding Masters’ degrees from places like Harvard, Yale, and Rutgers. Our classes are small enough so that you work in every class and we have invented a unique training process, combining the best of the Meisner Technique, The Michael Chekhov System, as well as our own approaches. Named The Actors’ Boot Camp, it is a concentrated, 4 week, daily approach, to give you a working foundation in technique PLUS the application of that foundation to scene work. Typically, Acting Corps actors attending the Actors’ Boot Camp actually work in front of their classes and teachers an average of 90 MINUTES A DAY. That kind of time and personal attention is truly unparalleled by other Los Angeles acting schools or anyone else for that matter.

So give us a shout – whether you hang your hat in NOHO or WEHO or another continent (yes, people from Germany, Australia, Japan, and India fly to our North Hollywood acting school to study here) we would love to hear from you – we are here, after all, to get you out into the world of acting.

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