The Original Actor’s Boot Camp
The Acting Corps

Created by Eugene Buica at The Acting Corps in Los Angeles, The Actors’ Boot Camp does just what it promises: The Actors’ Boot Camp trains actors for a battle as difficult, as perilous, and as important as any battle a soldier might wage. And yes, the front line of this battle is show business, but there is another battlefield as well, and that is where your fears live. Because let’s be honest about it, The Actors’ Boot Camp will not make you the actor you were born to be unless you face your fears of both failure and success. And The Actor’s Boot Camp will not guide you towards personal fulfillment either, unless you are ready to face the stumbling blocks that have kept you from achieving your potential.

And that’s not just new age, self-help nonsense, these are obstacles that every artist has struggled with since the beginning of time. Because to act is to assert personal freedom and independence (and certainly The Actors’ Boot Camp is the place for that) but the assertion of both requires the WILLINGNESS to confront and overcome your fears.

That’s right, WILLINGNESS, the one quality that every Actors’ Boot Camp attendee must possess. The willingness to work hard, to fail, to reveal yourself, to break away from the familiar, to embrace the dangerous and challenging, in short, the willingness to step into your power.

And once you have that willingness the rest is easy. You can move mountains, you can turn nothing into something, and maybe you can even get an acting job. Because with willingness you start serving a different master, you start serving your CREATIVE RESPONSIBILITY.

I say that because given the nature of the animal, we are given to lots and lots of procrastination. For example, how long has it been since you’ve wanted to do this? How long has it been that you’ve been saying NOT NOW, I can wait. NOT NOW, because now I am indulging in XYZ self destructive behavior and that feels better than the serious and dreaded thing called my life’s purpose. How long? And how much longer will it be until you heed the call of the subconscious, which is at the call of the universal and the call of the eternal?

Look, some people put it off their entire lives. Other people put it off their entire lives and they don’t even know it. Are you one of those? If you are, so be it. Enjoy your run, that’s all that matters. Know that you’re running and enjoy it, it’s that simple. Because if you were to stop for a second you might just realize that escapism is actually a drag, it’s EASIER to stop, turn and slay the scary dragon which vanishes once you reach for your sword…

Food for thought, my friends….I wish you well on your journey, may it be as full of surprises, reversals, pain, joy, and wonderment as mine has been.


Eugene Buica
Founder and Artistic Director
The Acting Corps and The Actors’ Boot Camp

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