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THE ACTING CORPS, long considered the preeminent acting school of Los Angeles, resides in the famous Noho district, literally minutes away from the lots of Universal Studios and Warner Bros., and close to the Ventura (101) freeway.

The Acting Corps operates out of its own, self-contained, newly designed structure, which includes three theater spaces. There is ample street parking available.

The Acting Corps organically evolved out of a desire of its Founder and Artistic Director, Mr., Eugene Buica, to teach. Mr. Buica, a former student of Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, recruited an initial group of willing participants, and began to teach them free of charge in the public spaces of Burbank, CA.

It is a testament to that first group of students and Mr. Buica alike that the Acting Corps evolved into the State of the Art program it is today, soon approaching its 10th anniversary.

At the heart of the Acting Corps philosophy resides the art of learning by doing. The Acting Corps’ roster of classes build on a philosophy designed to allow each student to practice the craft of acting in every class he or she participates.

The Acting Corps’ faculty of first-rate professional teachers delivers theory as well, of course -- but theory without practice, theory that does not provide each student the opportunity to practice his craft, remains without value. Application of acting principles is the key.

The Acting Corps study begins with a program titled the Actors’ Boot Camp. It is here beginning students get exposure to and implement the rudiments of the craft. Classes take place both morning and evening to serve the schedule demands of its students.

The Actors’ Boot Camp comprises a series of daily classes over the course of four weeks, where the student starts to lay the foundation of his or her craft. The Actors’ Boot Camp is comprised of three types of classes, ACTING CORPS TECHNIQUE; SCENE STUDY/COLD READING; and THE ACTOR’S INSTRUMENT. These classes serve to expose the student to the Acting Corps philosophy of acting, and builds upon the Meisner approach.

After four weeks of Actors’ Boot Camp, some students embark upon an additional eight weeks of Actors’ Boot Camp II, a path open by invitation only to those students who have demonstrated their seriousness and commitment to acting in Boot Camp I. Boot Camp II offers the chance to go deeper into those courses of Boot Camp I, as well as an ON-CAMERA TECHNIIQUE class, and a class called the BUSINESS OF THE BUSINESS, which serves to bring knowledge concerning the workaday world of the industry to its students, as well as a springboard into the world of professional acting.

Beyond the BOOT CAMP program, there are a myriad of other programs available at the Acting Corps. THE ADVANCED PROGRAM, the AUDITION WORKSHOP, the MASTER CLASS, the DAILY ACTING WORKSHOP (DAW), as well as THE PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM, all provide opportunity for the advanced and seasoned actor to continue to grow.

The Acting Corps’ talented, first-rate faculty is comprised of professional, highly successful working actors and filmmakers in their field, and include alumni of such institutions as Yale, and Rutgers. The website -- -- includes their resumes and C.V.s.

Perhaps most significantly, the Acting Corps prides itself not only on its ability to foster and nurture a studio environment, wherein each student gets to act in each class, but also in the record of achievement by its students.

To date, over 1200 Acting Corps students have booked acting registered on the IMBD, the industry’s online tracker of film and television production. True to form, the Acting Corps invites every one of its students to go out and get a job.

Although the school insists that its students seek work at the professional level as they advance through its courses, many students are new to the craft of acting. All that is required from beginners is the effort and dedication of the professional actor.


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