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Chinese Travel Agency in Boston

Chinese Travel Agency in Boston

(Please also see our Chinese travel agencies in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Honolulu, Las Vegas.)

Many Chinese parents dreamed of their children attending universities such as Harvard University or MIT in Boston, as Boston has excellent public and private education system.  Our Chinese travel agency in Boston will take your Chinese visitors to visit Harvard University and MIT.

Services Included: (Minimum 3 People)

Services Provided at Extra Cost: (Minimum 3 People)

Harvard University

Harvard University, Boston

Our Chinese Travel Agency in Boston will take your Chinese visitors to visit Harvard University.  There, they will be able to take the photos, visit the bookstores, and purchase souvenirs to inspire their children.

Harvard University is the most well-known US university in China.  Many books written about Harvard University have been published.





MIT, Boston

MIT, Boston

For most Chinese people, MIT is equally well known as Harvard University.

There, our Chinese tour guide will take your Chinese visitors to visit the new library, computer facilities and many others.





$600/day/base cost + $50/person/day

Please contact us for more information.

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