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Chinese Learning Software
A Chinese Learning Software that Also Teaches You Chinese Writings

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Chinese Learning Software
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General Introduction of Our Chinese Learning Software

"5-Learning-Modules-in-1" CD ROM - A Good Chinese Learning Software

Besides private tutors, studying Chinese using a Chinese learning software would give you the conveniences of learning Chinese at whatever time you like and wherever you like, as long as you have a computer.Chinese Learning Software Screenshot

"5-learning modules-in-1" is a Chinese learning software designed for those who are serious about  learning Mandarin Chinese language. It's a simple, efficient, and  comprehensive tool helping both beginners and senior learners to systematically learn Chinese language and Chinese culture. All sentences, characters, words, and phrases are pronounced in real natural audio. All sentences, characters, words are marked with Pinyin which is with tone marks. There are 66 lessons and 95 sense dialogues. English-Chinese double language dictionary includes over 12,000 Chinese words. You can search the new words with English or Chinese as well as strokes of the Chinese character or Pinyin. Chinese alphabet includes the 1,300 Chinese Pinyin in total. Examination Module can test your audition, understanding of Chinese and Pinyin. This module is helpful for your HSK examination. Speech Chinese can help you to read the texts on Web site or clipboard in Chinese.

"5-Learning-Modules-in-1" Chinese learning software integrates 5 different learning modules in one package and teaches you through modern audio and visual effect how to pronounce, read, speak and most importantly write Chinese language in the comforts of your own home on your time schedule just for a fraction of the cost. Created by a dedicated group of Chinese software and linguistic experts, the software will bring you a brand new learning experience.Chinese Learning Software Screenshot 1

Content of the Chinese Learning Software

This comprehensive Chinese learning software is consisted of the following powerful modules:

Module 1: Chinese alphabets - it teaches you Chinese initials, finals and four tones
Module 2: Chinese characters - it shows 3,500 most commonly used Chinese characters, meaning, pronunciations, compound words and phrases.
Module 3: Learn Chinese - it contains 66 popular dialogues imitating real-life communications
Module 4: Chinese speech - this function helps you enhance your listening comprehension in the best way
Module 5: Self exam - you will have the chance to test what you have learned from all the previous 4 modules

Version 6 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Other key features of the Chinese learning software are as follows:Chinese Learning Software Screenshot 2

Price of "5-Learning-Modules-in-1" CD ROM, Our Chinese Learning Software:


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