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Solar Powered Lights Product Reviews

Solar Powered Lights - Silver FoxSolar Lanterns w/Hanging Support - Silver Fox

Overall Abacus Rating:
Solar Lights RatingSolar Lights RatingSolar Lights RatingSolar Lights Rating
4 of 5 Abacus Approval

Abacus Rating System

This solar powered light with hanging support is a product of Heritage Lights, located in California.  The hanging support and frame of this product is made of bronze.

With the universal solar component from the company, this light can last for two days if it is kept under 12 hours of sunshine.

The light itself is not strong enough compared with normal lights or other low voltage lights.  However, it would be sufficient for household decoration use.

We rate it 4 out of 5 for its unique design but the light is weaker than expected.

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