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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Also See Low Voltage Outdoor Lights

low voltage outdoor lightingIn recent years, partially due to the increase of electricity bills, low voltage outdoor lighting has become more and more popular in American families.  Low voltage outdoor lighting is inexpensive, easy to install, environmental friendly, and attractive to average households.  With its low voltage, it's safe and energy-efficient.

Most people purchase low voltage outdoor lightings through pre-packaged kits sold by retail and online stores.  Normally they come with the transformer, cables, and the lighting fixtures necessary to install low voltage lightings.  

Please note that the wires of outdoor lightings must always be grounded, and the fixtures should be rated as "water- resistant/UL approved for outdoor use." Also remember that lighting rated for indoor use should never be used outdoors.

Compared with normal voltage lightings which cast plenty of light and attract bugs and moths by the hundreds, low voltage outdoor lights may provide a pleasant alternative to this glaring example.  They can be placed strategically to highlight the plants and and parts that you favor.   Plus, they are natural looking as the landscape itself.  Besides, they are much safer to use and install.

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