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Outdoor Lighting

Also see Outdoor Lighting Fixture

outdoor lightingEfficient outdoor lighting is more and more important in cities as well as individual households.  It creates a sense of liveliness and modernity.  It also helps the illumination of the places you want to light, whether for security purposes or for aesthetic reasons. Outdoor lighting, in general, is a modern phenomenon that has many advantages as well as disadvantages.  Inefficient outdoor lighting would create problems such as:

1) Energy Waste and Pollution - Energy waste due to inefficient outdoor lighting would have a huge burden on our increasingly scarce energies.  Also, inefficient outdoor lighting has a shorter lifetime for the light bulbs or light fixtures, thus increase the pollution it generated.

2) Higher Costs on Utility Bills - An inefficient 700- watt mercury vapor lamp would consume $250 of electricity, while similar efficient lamp would reduce it by a quarter.  Better yet, if you use low voltage or solar outdoor lighting, you would save tremendously on your bills.

To make outdoor lights more efficient, we recommend the followings:

  • Use solar powered outdoor lights as much as possible.  They don't require electricity wires, and they shed lights at night and automatically turns them off during daytime.  They are environmental friendly and they do not cost a single dime on your utility bills.
  • Use low voltage outdoor lights if solar powered lights are not available.  Low voltage outdoor lights generally create stronger lights than solar powered lights.  They need electricity wires to be placed underground, but they give you less overhead costs than inefficient outdoor lights.


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