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For informational purpose, we have collected the following Slim 30 reviews from the Internet and other sources.  Similar to Slim 1-2-3, Slim 30 results in weigh loss of some people.

Slim 30 Review from Retailers:

"Slim 30 has brought us attention because people get to know this product from word of mouth.  It clearly shows that this product works.  Many other retailers have inquired about becoming a distributor of this product as now there is an increasing demand of this product overseas."


Slim 30 Reviews from Users:

Slim 30 Review #1

"This is the best weight loss product I have ever had. One capsule a day, no diarrhea, no excess exercise. I feel comfortable with this product. I have lost 15 Lbs. in two months."

-Linda, Rowland Heights, CA

Slim 30 Review #2

"I was 5'9", 185 Lbs. I lost 10 Lbs. in 30 days and 8 Lbs. in the next month. I feel more energetic though I eat less than before."

- Catherine, Las Vegas, NV

Slim 30 Review #3

"I have tried many weight loss products and I almost gave up before I tried Slim-30. I lost 22 Lbs, in three months and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight."

- Ying, Parker, AZ


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