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Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Landscape Lighting Fixtures Product Reviews

Solar Powered Lights - Silver FoxSolid Brass Column Mount Light

Overall Abacus Rating:
Solar Lights RatingSolar Lights RatingSolar Lights RatingSolar Lights Rating
4 of 5 Abacus Approval

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Solid brass decorative column mounted outdoor lighting available in a variety of finishes. Available in 120V or 12V incandescent or optional fluorescent. 

Low voltage l andscape lighting fixtures produces same amount of light but uses less electricity.  They can produce two-and a half times as much light as produced by the line-voltage incandescent lamps. In simple words, a 50 watt low voltage lamp would be more than sufficient to generate as much light as produced by a 125 watt line voltage lamp.

We rate it 4 out of 5 for its elegant design and excellent brightness.

Please also contact us to send us your comments about low voltage light products or suggestions of other similar products for review.

Landscape lighting fixtures secure and accent your property, giving your property more artistic value. Landscape lighting fixtures are recommended for use around flower beds and walkways, docks, billboards and parking lots. If they are solar powered, there would be no ongoing electrical costs, saving for the need to call an electrician to install wiring. The provide light even during power failures.  On the other hand, then there is not enough sun light, the lights would be dimmed.

If they are low voltage landscape lighting fixtures, then it would save certain amount of electricity bills compared to regular landscape lighting fixtures.  However, you would need to do the wiring.  When there is a power outage, the lights would go off as well.



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