Top 25 Supplements in 2004

1. Policosanol

2. Bone Meal

3. Wheat Germ

4. Lycopene

5. Essential Fatty Acids

6. Liver

7. Lutein

8. Green tea

9. Black cohosh root

10. Silicea

11. Pau d’arco

12. Coenzyme Q10

13. SAM-e

14. Royal Jelly

15. Alpha-Lipoic Acid

16. Potassium

17. Elderberry

18. Horny goat weed

19. Spirulina

20. Chlorophyll

21. 5-HTP

22. Magnesium

23. Calcium

24. Cranberry

25. Evening primrose

United States' Top 25 Nutritional Supplements

7. Lutein

Lutein sales brought in more than $7 million in 2003 and saw a sales increase of 34.8 percent. Like lycopene, lutein belongs to the carotenoid family. “Recent evidence has found that lutein may play an important role in protecting our eyes and eyesight. It may work in two ways: by acting directly as a natural sun block, and also by neutralizing free radicals that can damage the eye,” according to Natural Health Bible. Leafy green vegetables, like spinach and kale, are the best source of lutein. Observational studies show that people who eat a diet high in lutein are less likely to have eye and vision problems, though no double-blind studies have been performed on pure lutein. “Evidence is still blurry in terms of what lutein supplements do for preventing macular degeneration because there is no supplement of pure lutein on the market,” Almada says. “Instead you can find lutein-rich marigold extracts. Like with lycopene, it’s difficult to tell where the benefits come from: lutein, or other nutrients found in marigolds. More studies are needed to prove the benefits of pure lutein.”

American Top 25: Supplements Climbing the Charts by Vicky Uhland, Kristen Lewis, Christine Spehar.  July, 2004. Natural Foods Merchandiser


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