Top 25 Supplements in 2004

1. Policosanol

2. Bone Meal

3. Wheat Germ

4. Lycopene

5. Essential Fatty Acids

6. Liver

7. Lutein

8. Green tea

9. Black cohosh root

10. Silicea

11. Pau d’arco

12. Coenzyme Q10

13. SAM-e

14. Royal Jelly

15. Alpha-Lipoic Acid

16. Potassium

17. Elderberry

18. Horny goat weed

19. Spirulina

20. Chlorophyll

21. 5-HTP

22. Magnesium

23. Calcium

24. Cranberry

25. Evening primrose

United States' Top 25 Nutritional Supplements

12. Coenzyme Q10

Co-Q10 sold more than $45 million in 2003, and increased its sales by 20.8 percent that year. According to the Natural Health Bible, Co-Q10 is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in every cell of the human body. Its principal uses include treatment of congestive heart failure and other forms of heart disease, high blood pressure, gum disease and nutrient depletion caused by various medications. It has also been used for treatment of AIDS, cancer, obesity and muscular dystrophy. “Co-Q10 appears to assist the heart during times of stress on the heart muscle, perhaps by helping it use energy more efficiently. … At least [nine] double blind studies have found that Co-Q10 supplements can improve symptoms [of CHF] and heart function,” according to the Natural Health Bible. Almada believes Co-Q10 plays another important role for individuals lowering their cholesterol through the use of statin drugs. “Studies have shown that taking statin drugs, which are very effective in lowering cholesterol, also lower Co-Q10 levels in the blood and muscles. One of the side effects of statin drugs is muscle pain, and to combat this, taking a Co-Q10 supplement would be wise,” he says.

American Top 25: Supplements Climbing the Charts by Vicky Uhland, Kristen Lewis, Christine Spehar.  July, 2004. Natural Foods Merchandiser

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