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  Foot Massage in Los Angeles

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On July 31, 2007, The Los Angeles Times ran an article titled "Archrivals in foot massage".  Since then, it sparked interests of Chinese and non-Chinese alike to have an foot massage experience in Los Angeles. 

Foot massage is a kind of therapeutic massage that is very popular in China.  In Los Angeles, the first foot massage spa started in San Gabriel Valley, in the city of San Gabriel.  In the beginning, the city did not know what to do with an application of a foot massage spa.  When Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca visited a foot massage spa with his then-wife, who is Chinese, foot massage gained popularity in Los Angeles.  

Since then, dozens of foot massage spas opened in Los Angeles, mainly in the cities where the rules are relatively relaxed.  Most of the foot massage places in Los Angeles are independent, with the exception of Oriental Natural Treatment, which is a foot massage chain with more than 10 stores, the largest in Los Angeles.

People who tried foot massage found it to be an interesting experience.  You may contact the stores below for more information.

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