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Mekwes, the misspelled last name of Armin Mekwes

'''Armin Meiwes''' (born 1961) is an internet user who became known as "Der Metzgermeister (The Master Butcher)" in 2003.

Meiwes made an arrangement over the Internet with Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes to kill and eat him; the deed was carried out in March 2001, at Meiwes' place, with Brandes' genitals being severed and eaten together before he was killed. Meiwes was arrested in December 2002, after apparently posting new requests for victims on the internet. Meiwes was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison in 2004; the case attracted considerable media attention and also led to a debate over whether Meiwes could be convicted at all given that Brandes had voluntarily and knowingly participated in the act. In April 2005, a German court ordered a retrial after prosecutors appealed against his sentence. They believe he should have been given a life sentence for murder, and not the one for manslaughter. The song "Mein Teil" by German metal band Rammstein was inspired by the case. In 2004, a German filmmaker announced plans to make a movie about the German cannibal entitled "Your Heart In My Head"; it has already received funding from a regional film foundation. "Teil" means "part" or "piece", but can also be slang for "male genital", similar to "thing" in English.

Mekwes could also mean other things...  but what do you think about this case?

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