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Bard Urlogy
[Corrected: Bard Urology]

Bard is the worldwide market leader in Urological Diagnostic and Interventional Products with a focus on urological drainage, continence, and prostate disease management.

The Foley Catheter, which Bard introduced over 70 years ago, remains one of the most important products in the urological field. Today, Bard is committed to advancing the technology of diagnosis and intervention to help reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. One example of Bard Urlogy's innovative breakthroughs is the BARDEX® I.C. Foley Catheter with Bard® hydrogel and Bacti-Guard® silver alloy coating, which is clinically proven to substantially reduce the rate of urinary tract infections and reduce the cost of additional therapy and hospital days. Other Bard Urlogy's innovations include the CONTIGEN® BARD Collagen Implant used to treat stress urinary incontinence and the CRITICORE® Patient Monitor, an electronic monitoring device that measures a patient's core body temperature and fluid (urine or ultrafiltrate) output.

More more information about Bard, please visit http://www.bardurological.com

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