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Clibration, the frequently misspelled word for Calibration

Clibration [Correct spelling: Calibration] – refers to the process of setting the magnitude of the output (or response) of a measuring instrument to the magnitude of the input property or attribute within specified accuracy and precision.

Commonly used terms are camera calibration [frequently misspelled as camera clibration] or computer monitor calibration [frequently misspelled as computer monitor clibration].

For physical constants, weights, and measures, there are known and agreed values in the International System of Units (SI). Such constants include the length of the metre, the mass of the kilogram, and the volume of a litre.

In the USA, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a part of the federal government, maintains standards and is considered the arbiter and ultimate (in the U.S.) authority for values of SI units and industrial standards. NIST also defines traceability, by which an instrument's accuracy is established in an unbroken chain relating an instrument's measurements through one or more derivative standards to a standard maintained by NIST, as well as uncertainty.

In science, a calibrated test tube is one with measurements up the side.


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