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Learn Chinese Online via Podcast & MP3

Learn Chinese Online - Sample Lesson - Media Related Phrases

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Learn Chinese Online via Podcast & MP3 - General Information

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Learn Chinese Media Related Phrases

Chinese Media Phrases 1 (MP3 Format) Chinese Media Phrases 2  (MP3 Format)
This MP3 file contains the following phrases

1. Newspaper
Bào zhǐ

2. Los Angeles
Luò shān jī

3. Los Angeles Times
Luò shān jī shí bào

4. New York
Niǔ yuē

5. New York Times
Niǔ yuē shí bào

6. Washington
Huá shèng dùn

7. Washington Post
Huá shèng dùn yóu bào

8. Wall Street
Huá ěr jiē

9. Wall Street Journal
Huá ěr jiē rì bào

This MP3 file contains the following phrases

1. People’s Daily
Rén mín rì bào

2. Beijing Evening News
Běi jīng wǎn bào

Chinese Media Phrases 3 (MP3 Format) Chinese Media Phrases 4  (MP3 Format)
1. Television
Diàn shì

2. China Central Television
Zhōng yāng diàn shì tái

3. Phoenix Satellite TV
Fèng huáng wèi shì

4. Hunan Satellite TV
Hú nán wèi shì

5. Shanghai Satellite TV
Shàng hǎi wèi shì

1. News
Xīn wén

2. Xinhua News Agency
Xīn huá shè

3. Reporter
Jì zhě

4. Interview
Cǎi fǎng

5. Accept
Jiē shòu

6. Accept interview
jiē shòu cǎi fǎng

7. Willing
Yuàn yì

8. Are you willing?
Nǐ yuàn yì?

9. Are you willing to accept the interview?
Nǐ yuàn yì jiē shòu cǎi fǎng ma?



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