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Learn Chinese Online via Podcast & MP3

Learn Chinese Online - Sample Lesson - Vocabularies Related to Cars

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Learn Chinese Car Related Vocabularies

Chinese Car Vocabularies 1 (MP3 Format) Chinese Car Vocabularies 2  (MP3 Format)
This MP3 file contains the following phrases

1. Cars/vehicles

2. Mercedes
Bēn chí

3. BMW
Bǎo mǎ

4. Toyota
Fēng tián

5. Honda
Běn tián

6. Ford
Fú tè
This MP3 file contains the following phrases

1. How much money?
Duō shǎo qián?

2. Too expensive
Tài guì le

3. Not expensive
Bú guì

4. Very cheap
Hěn pián yì

Chinese Car Vocabularies 3  (MP3 Format)  
1. To buy

2. Want to buy it?
Xiǎng mǎi ma?

3. Do you want to buy it?
Nǐ xiǎng mǎi ma?

4. To sell

5. Want to sell it?
Xiǎng mài ma?

6. Do you want to sell it?
Nǐ xiǎng mài ma?


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