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Japanese Translation & Interpretation

Also see Japanese Phone Translation
and Japanese Court Interpreting Programs by LA School of Translation & Interpretation

(Translator and Interpreter in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago)

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エルエイ (Los Angeles) 日本語と英語同時通訳,翻訳

The Japanese language ranks as one of the most important languages in the World today. There is no doubt that the Japan’s involvement in the international business expands every day. Many people are involved into business relationships with Japan. Meanwhile, English and Japanese are interacting together constantly. With such a large distribution of Japanese commerce, the demand for Japanese translation is sky-rocketing. The writing system is very complex with thousands of characters or Kanji.

Our Japanese translators are familiar with standard Japanese and its dialects and do an exceptional job translating from Japanese to English or English to Japanese.

The LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation can respond effectively and quickly to your Japanese translation needs. The professional Japanese experts who are certified by the State of California in Court, Administrative Hearing, and Medical have had over 20 years of experience. Each of our team members were selected based on their experience, language proficiency, the quality of their work and professional credentials and is also tested in his/her language combination and field before assignment. Our Japanese translation team provides professional service in translating for various areas of specialization including:

  • Certified Translation for INS E-commerce & Web Content

  • Patents Corporate affairs

  • Software & Web sites Media

  • Legal documents Transcription

  • Advertising & marketing Manuals

  • Training materials Medical & Pharmaceutical


Our rate varies depending on expert’s certification and length/complexity of document. The standard rate is:

Translation: $0.28 - $0.35 per word
Interpretation: $250 - $500 half day (3 hours)
$700 - $ 800 full day (6 hours)
$150 each additional hour

Our Japanese Interpreters and Translators provide congenial and professional service, meeting the demand of high quality that only professionals can give. Our Japanese translators are patient and work very hard to ensure that the translation brings you satisfaction. We are here to guarantee a consistent global solution.

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