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(We are currently looking for Khmer (Cambodian) translators in Los Angeles. Contact us for more information)
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Hmong Translator in Los Angeles

Hmong Language

Hmong or Mong  is the common name for a group of dialects of the West Hmongic (Chuanqiandian) branch of the Hmong-Mien/Miao-Yao language family spoken by the Hmong people of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, northern Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. The total number of speakers worldwide has been estimated to be more than 4 million, including over 200,000 Hmong Americans. Some dialects are mutually intelligible while others are so distinct as to be considered separate languages.

Hmong Language in the United States

In the United States, California (mainly Los Angeles), Minnesota, and Wisconsin are the three states where Hmong is spoken the most.  In California, Los Angeles is the city where Hmong speaking population is the greatest.  Thus, we are now providing Hmong translators in Los Angeles.

We are currently looking for Hmong translators in Los Angeles.  Potential Hmong translators and interpreters may wish to Contact us by sending us your resume.  We will contact you soon.

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