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Chinese Translator in Singapore

Chinese Translator in Singapore
with Chinese Translation and Mandarin Interpretation Services in Singapore

Provided by an educational institute in Singapore managed by Carol Chiam Chinese Translator in Singapore

(Provides all kinds of Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services with qualified Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters in Singapore)

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Since 1993, we’ve helped hundreds of customers in entertainment industry as well as in legal field and TV viewers with a full suite of Mandarin interpreting, Chinese translation and Chinese localization services.

Below is a list of some of our staff members who will be providing Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services in Singapore

Richard Ang, Melvin Lee-- Experienced Chinese to English translators and interpreters in Singapore
Zhang Jia Hui, Linda Cao, Juliet Wee --Experienced English-to-Chinese translators and interpreters in Singapore

We excel in handling all types of Chinese document translations and presentations:

Chinese Translation in Singapore

Chinese Commercial Translations in Singapore: company profiles, press releases, advertisements, product brochures, promotional materials

Chinese Legal Translations in Singapore: contracts, memorandum and articles of association, property deeds, cooperation agreements, terms and conditions, court judgements, witness statements, provisions and regulations of mainland China

Chinese Multimedia Translations: localization of CD-ROMs and computer applications, software on-screen manuals, internet content

Chinese Media Translations in Singapore: TV news scripts/parliamentary reports

Chinese Technical Translations in Singapore: instruction manuals, work procedures, environment evaluation reports, safety procedures

Mandarin Interpretation in Singapore:

Business/Trade negotiation


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