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Modern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine - Diabetes Mellitus 

Presenting Symptoms

The clinical manifestations of diabetes in the order in which they usually appear are:

o frequent, copious urination
o excessive thirst
o rapid weight loss
o excessive hunger
o drowsiness, fatigue
o itching of the genitals and skin
o visual disturbances
o skin infections
o slow healing
o paraesthesia in the hands or feet

Other signs of diabetes include lingering influenza-like symptoms, loss of hair on the legs, increased facial hair, small yellow bumps anywhere on the body (known as xanthomas-cholesterol) and inflammation of the penile skin.

In most juvenile cases the earliest symptoms noted are increased urination, thirst and hunger. Other symptoms include irritability, nausea or vomiting, weakness and fatigue. Physical findings in the adult are mostly attributable to complications, and the first sign of the disease may be some dermatological, circulatory, neurological or visual complications.

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