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Modern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine - Diabetes Mellitus 

Status of Diabetes Research 

In recent years, advances in diabetes research have led to better ways to manage diabetes and treat its complications. Major advances include: 

o New forms of purified insulin, such as human insulin produced through genetic engineering. 

o Better ways for doctors to monitor blood glucose levels and for people with diabetes to test their own blood glucose levels at home. 

o Development of external and implantable insulin pumps that deliver appropriate amounts of insulin, replacing daily injections. 

o Laser treatment for diabetic eye disease, reducing the risk of blindness. 

o Successful transplantation of kidneys in people whose own kidneys fail because of diabetes. 

o Better ways of managing diabetic pregnancies, improving chances of successful outcomes. 

o New drugs to treat NIDDM and better ways to manage this form of diabetes through weight control. 

o Evidence that intensive management of blood glucose reduces and may prevent development of microvascular complications of diabetes. 

o Demonstration that anti-hypertensive drugs called ACE-inhibitors prevent or delay kidney failure in people with diabetes. 

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