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Private Tai Chi Lessons in Los Angeles

Please note that James Borrelli only conducts private Tai Chi lessons, not group classes, in Los Angeles.

Tai Chi Chuan is a unique system of health and self-defense that originated in China nearly 1,000 years ago. It has always been valued as one of the treasured classic disciplines of Chinese culture. Derived from the ancient philosophy of Taoism, Tai Chi was designed to develop the optimum degree of harmony between body and mind; between the individual and the natural order of the universe. Originally the art was taught only to family members, but today it is practiced openly by both young and old in China and throughout the world.

The seemingly effortless slow moving Tai Chi form is composed of sequences of dynamic postures which are actually fighting techniques. Tai chi enables the student to cultivate chi (qi)--the intrinsic energy or life force of the body. The circulation of chi revitalizes all the internal organs and metabolic systems much in the same way as Acupuncture therapy. In addition, practicing the forms develops the strength of joints and muscles in a way that does not sacrifice flexibility.

As an active meditation, tai chi promotes the integration of body, mind, and emotions. As a result, the student will find he or she is better able to deal with internal contradictions and external stress. However, it is only with correct instruction that one can benefit fully from all the healing aspects of the art.

James Borrelli, Tai Chi practitioner and teacher certified by internationally renowned Tai Chi Chuan Master C.K. Chu, is available for instruction in the Yang Style Short Form. Mr. Borrelli has been practicing Tai Chi for over twenty years and has been teaching it professionally for the last fifteen.

Lessons are $90 for one hour of instruction with Mr.Borrelli in his private office located in West Los Angeles at Olympic and Sawtelle Boulevards. Part One of the Yang Style Short Form can take several weeks to learn properly, Part Two can take several months.

Please call (310) 713-4488 to make an appointment.

For those individuals seeking most of the benefits of Tai Chi but for a shorter investment of time, please note that Mr. Borrelli is also one of only two master instructors in the world certified by Tai Chi Chuan Master C.K. Chu to teach his unique system of internal chi kung called Nei Kung.

Nei Kung represents the fundamentals, the ABC?s, as it were, of what Tai Chi is truly about. It provides an immediate experience of surging chi, strength and deep feelings of well being.

For more information on Nei Kung and how it relates to Tai Chi please go to www.Neikungla.com and click on NEI KUNG EXPLAINED at the bottom of the home page.

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Mr. Borrelli's website:

Qigong in Los Angeles, Chi Kung in Los Angeles, and Tai Chi in Los Angeles at www.neikungla.com

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