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Qigong in Los Angeles, Chi Kung in Los Angeles

Nei Kung is a powerful system of Martial Art chi kung based on the fundamental principles of the inner flow of vital energy, or CHI, utilized for centuries by the practitioners of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Nei Kung involves coordinating patterns of deep breathing with the execution of ten basic postures of precise body alignment. This brings together the highest levels of CHI KUNG, "energy training", with structural conditioning of the bones, connective tissue, joints and organs, as well as the musculature.

Accessible to virtually anyone at any age and any level of physical fitness, the truly amazing energy, flexibility and deep feelings of well being resulting from this practice must be experienced to be appreciated. Often referred to as INTERNAL CHI KUNG, Nei Kung is seldom taught outside of China.

James Borrelli, a practitioner of Nei Kung for more than twenty years, is one of only two instructors in the world certified by the renowned Tai Chi Chuan Master C.K. Chu to teach his system.

The secrets of this unique chi kung, also known as qigong, are now available in Los Angeles.


For further information and details about instruction please go to www.Neikungla.com

Mr. Borrelli's Website:

Qigong in Los Angeles, Chi Kung in Los Angeles, and Tai Chi in Los Angeles at www.neikungla.com

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