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Go (the Board Game) Software
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We recommend Deepthink Go Helper (http://www.deepthinkgohelper.com/runyustudio/en/).  Deepthink Go Helper is just like a professional and a super computer to help you and to remind you about possible moves by professional Go players.  After using it, your skill is likely to improve dramatically.


1. It displays all the key points or moves that the professionals played before. The Red color points mean that these points win more often.

2. Over 22000 professional go games recorded and programmed.

3. Lot of die and life practice.

4. Play with computer. (GNU go + Deepthink engine)

5. Support Chinese and English.


Deepthink Go Helper 2.2

* 1. collection over 22,000 the newest professional go games.
* 2. uses the many kinds of statistical analysis method model to the 22,000 professional go games, demonstrates in the actual combat
* 3. Demonstrate the key points during the go game .Rapidly enhances the level of your go skills.
(This function is unique.  Other Chinese Go software do not have this function)

All Go games are collected from the Internet or shared by the Go players.

Deepthink Dead and live Training 2.2

* Tom Go God School - Primary (345)
* Tom Go God School - Secondary (345)
* Tom Go God School - Advanced (345)
* uligo - Primary (40)
* uligo - introduction (40)
* FaYangLun (22)
* Ending book 10 - 15 (440)
* Ending book 20 - 25 (550)
* Ending book 30 - 33 (380)
* Ending (43)
* 36 stratagem and go (36)
* Opening (92)
* Cheat attack and defense (58)
* Rufu Zheng Zheng Mian (26)
* Mystery opening (49)
* Go basic tesuji - TengZheXiuXing (206)
* Go grade test - high (320)
* Life and death myoshu 124 (124)
* Go life and death myoshu 100 (100)

A few sites offer other Go game software programs. We have selected a few of them for your reference.  Please let us know if any of these links are broken.

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