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Zhang Ziyi - Notes

(from Samuel Chong, president of Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center)

Zhang Ziyi is listed as one of the most famous Chinese actors and actresses in Hollywood.

A personal favorite Chinese actress of mine (the non-Chinese one is Sophie Marceau), Zhang Ziyi deserves special attention to people who are interested in Chinese popular culture.

Zhang Ziyi is one of most talented actresses in modern China.  She rose so quickly not only because she was, to some extent, lucky, but more importantly, because she worked hard at improving her acting skills and promoting herself.

She has great social skills and is able to be prepared and seize every opportunity when it comes.  She is determined and strong minded, while not losing the naughtiness and childlikeness of a young girl.

As it normally happens in China, such a young, beautiful, and talented lady will normally be encountered with jealousy and criticism.  Frequently, negative stories about Zhang Ziyi from the Chinese press were written by unprofessional reporters (for sensational appeals and/or supported by the jealous crowds). 

However, we believe that her diligence, intelligence, talent, and acting acumen will ensure her continuously to be successful both domestically and internationally.

Recent role in Memoirs of a Geisha has made Zhang Ziyi more prominent in the Western entertainment world.  However, there is an increasingly strong criticism in Mainland China, especially among the less open-minded public, at Ziyi's recent appearance on several Japanese commercials as well as her role in the Memoirs of a Geisha.

Interestingly enough, people from Japan are also not very satisfied at the films decision of taking on several Chinese actresses and actors but not Japanese ones. 

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