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Rush Hour 2 vs. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Speaking with Zhang Ziyi was a bizarre third person exchange, as I would ask a question to her translator, her translator would re-ask the question in Chinese and then translate Zhang's answer back into English for me. The opportunity to speak with the exotic star was on behalf of the film Rush Hour 2, which opens August 3rd. Zhang plays a villain described in the press notes as a suspected henchwoman to a Chinese Triad bomber.

Zhang Ziyi discussed her work on the film as well as that other famous martial arts movie she was in. All of the following answers come from her translator, Anita Chang, except were noted with "Zhang Ziyi"

What did you learn from working with Jackie Chan? She says starting off, to her it's a great honor because she is, in fact, a fan of his too, but she found out working with him that he's highly experienced, highly intelligent and he's not just an actor. He's an all-around filmmaker and he was able to help her with all the action sequences, and he knew what camera angles were best to get the right scene and be close up or far away wide shot. It was just to her in awe and just amazing experience working with somebody that is just so all around experienced and capable.

How does his style compare to the Crouching Tiger wirework? She says the difference was definitely significant in the sense that the Rush Hour 2 action sequence and the martial artistry is more hand to hand direct contact sort of combative action sequences, whereas with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon they were more sort of beautiful artistic shots. They were more choreographed and more artistic and fluid so the feeling is definitely different and the style is different, so she's feeling that, of course, the end result which you'll see on the screen will be different.

How do you train for cinematic fighting? Keep fit and learn the moves necessary and just kind of train and exercise a lot. It's not something that she does on a continuous basis, but as a role requires. She has a strong dance background.

Are you looking to have a career in American films? There wasn't any real sort of thought out plan to want to come and break through into the American market. First off, the opportunity to shoot Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was purely based on the fact the opportunity to work with Ang Lee. That was the first and foremost reason why she took on that project. And then, from that project onto Rush Hour 2, it was something that she would never have fathomed because she would never have conceived to do a Hollywood film due to her English language capabilities. Yet when the opportunity came to her, as long as it was something where there wouldn't be too much dialogue, it was something that she would definitely be willing and interested to do, and she is definitely interested to further develop her career in the Hollywood, Western market but it would all depend on her English definitely.

Are you attached to the prequel to Crouching Tiger?

Zhang Ziyi: I hope Ang Lee lets me again.

What kind of roles are you looking for now? No action. She doesn't want to do any martial arts action. Something without it. She actually is surprised and not really quite cognizant of how it came about that she has picked up so many characters that are so action related. It wasn't necessarily something that she had planned, but at the same time in the future if she could do some roles that had a bit of action and then had a bit of serious dramatic roles, she would love to be able to do one and then the other or a role that maybe had both.

What drew you to Hero then? She's sure it's going to be an amazing film. The script she's read and she's completely falling in love. She said the first time she read it she was crying and then the second time she read it she had to call her friends and talk it over with them. It's just so amazing the script and she just feels that with a script that great, the film can only be spectacular.

(More interviews with Zhang Ziyi will be added)


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