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Phoenix Satellite Television Programs

The Most Popular Chinese TV Program in the United States

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Phoenix Satellite TV is one of the most popular Chinese television programs in the United States.  It provides 24 hours of Mandarin Chinese television programs each day, with news, current affairs, as well as locally produced programs in the United States and Canada.

Please see the channels below:

Phoenix North America Chinese Channel (PSTV)

Phoenix North America Chinese Channel provides 24 hours of news, current affairs, documentaries, talk show, culture, travel, lifestyle, TV-series and locally produced programs featuring in-depth reports and live interviews on issues of concern to Chinese communities in North America.

Phoenix InfoNews Channel (PTVN)

Described as a “Chinese CNN” by The New York Times, Phoenix InfoNews has earned a solid reputation as the news leader in the Great China area. It is the station more people turn to for 24/7 breaking news, financial report, current affairs, sports and weather. Standing behind each and every news broadcast team, reporters, and anchors, dedicated to upholding Phoenix InfoNews’ mission of providing in-depth and thorough news coverage of the issues impacting our lives.

Asia Television Home Channel (ATV)

A leading Cantonese television channel from Hong Kong, ATV Home Channel (America) provides a full range of television entertainment to Chinese communities throughout the United States. This channel broadcasts the best and most up-to-date cultural and current events from Hong Kong. The latest dramas, movies, talk shows, news, current affairs and children's entertainment are all part of this fantastic channel. ATV is also the only channel that live broadcasts the Hong Kong horse racing.

For Installation, Phoenix Satellite Television will provide

Rates for Commercial Installation are as follows:


Monthly Programming Fee

Annual Fee
Hotel N.A. $0.50/room N/A
Restaurant 0-99 seats $19.99 $239.88
100 seats or more $24.99 $299.88
Senior Apartment 199 units or fewer $100 $1,200
200 units or more


 * Equipment and installation charge will be quoted after site inspection.

For more information, please contact Victor Liang at 626-216-4629


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