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Chinese TV Stations in Los Angeles

Chinese TV Stations -

Census 2000 showed that the Chinese-American population has grown exponentially during the last decade, with a total estimated population of 3 million representing 25% of the total Asian population in the United States. In addition to the growing numbers, this segment of the population is one of the most affluent groups as a national annual purchasing power, making it an especially important consumer segment for retailers and marketers nationwide. Demographic data also showed that among the Chinese-American population, well over 80% of this unique group still prefer to speak their native language and rely on in-language media; TV commercials greatly influence their purchasing decisions.

Here, we shall introduce Chinese TV stations in Los Angeles.

KSCI Channel 18

Contact KSCI 18 Advertisement Sales: 626-487-8909

KSCI Channel 18 is the only Chinese TV network station based in Los Angeles.  Its local programming include "LA Living", a Mandarin-language show hosted by Juliette Zhuo that deals with life in LA for Chinese Americans, and features interviews with guests.

There are locally produced news programs in Mandarin ("LA 18 Evening News"). In addition, KSCI also sponsors Los Angeles-area Asian American events.

KSCI is owned by the AsianMedia Group

ETTV - Largest Chinese Cable Network Station in Los Angeles

Contact ETTV Advertisement Sales: 626-487-8909

ETTV is a multi-faceted media company dedicated to serve the Chinese community worldwide. ETTV began channel syndications in the United States at the end of September 1997 providing the Chinese community nationwide top-quality programs and excellent service also in Taiwan and around the globe.

ETTV America Corporation officially entered the US market in February 2003, with its US corporate headquarters located in Los Angeles. ETTV America widely services the Chinese-American community with high standard news coverage and top-quality Chinese-language programs.

Advertising and Contacting Chinese TV Stations in Los Angeles

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