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Chinese Media in Los Angeles

Here, we shall introduce you various forms of Chinese media in Los Angeles.

Chinese TV in Los Angeles

There is only one Chinese (Mandarin) TV network in Los Angeles.  That is Channel 18, based in west Los Angeles, near Santa Monica.  However, people who are able to pay for cable TVs are able to enjoy a dozen or so Chinese TV networks from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Chinese Radios in Los Angeles

KAZN-AM 1300 is the main Mandarin radio station in Los Angeles.  It is broadcasted 24 hours a day, charging extremely high advertisement rates.  AM-1430 is the main Cantonese radio station in Los Angeles.

Chinese Newspapers in Los Angeles

The most popular Chinese newspaper in Los Angeles is Chinese Daily (World Journal), targeting Mandarin speakers.  The second most popular Chinese newspaper in Los Angeles in Sing Tao Daily, targeting Cantonese speakers in Los Angeles.

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Advertising and Contacting Chinese Media in Los Angeles

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