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Asian Actors in America (or Asian Actors in Hollywood)

To reflect the current status of Asian actors in America, or Asian actors in Hollywood, quotes from well-known Asian actors (or actresses) are complied below for your information:

"the vast majority of scripts I have been handed for are aimed at Caucasian females–not Asian females. Asian actors get the short end of the stick and have a tougher time trying to get good roles in American-made Hollywood movies."  - Maggie Q.

"There seems to be more work now for Asian actors, especially on TV, and certainly more job opportunities. I'm just not sure of the quality of the roles.  I do believe there is some improvement. I hear that "Lost" has a wonderful Asian couple that is quite well-written and handled intelligently. I don't know about the rest of the TV climate. I think for Asian men, we still haven't been defined yet outside of the martial arts genre. I think Asian women and the roles written for them have evolved a little more."  - Dustin Nguyen

"Hollywood stereotypes Asian American actors, relegating them to certain roles. We've been portrayed as inscrutable villains and asexualized kind of eunuchs. Even Jackie Chan in his movies rarely gets to kiss his female lead." - Daniel Dae Kim

"First it's difficult being an artist, and it's difficult being an actor, period, and it's difficult being an Asian American actor."  - John Cho

“In American society … Asian actors are not accepted as leading men. Maybe we have to wait for a few more years." - Chow Yun-Fat

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