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PC Computer Repair in Los Angeles

Also see
Mac Repair in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is filled with choices for getting your computer repaired. For onsite service for your office or home, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-150/hour. Why not just hire a consultant for $50/hr?

Zylan Computer Consulting is one company that does PC computer repair in Los Angeles.  Located in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, and Redondo Beach, Zylan Computer Consulting provides various on-site PC computer repair as well as Mac repair in Los Angeles.

Consider the following points:

Response Time - According to PC World Magazine, "Our reporters had to wait for one to three business days on average for a call back." You will receive a callback from Zylan technician within a half hour. You can also expect to have a technician deployed to your location in Los Angeles the very same day.

Availability - The $50/hr. organization is most likely a single technician. Although in the short-term, this may seem like a good idea, consider the following:

- Your technician gets the flu and cant work for 3 days
- Your technician goes on a two week vacation
- Your technician is having a busy week and can't get to your office/home for three days

Zylan employs a myriad of technician with complimentary disciplines. We are experts in all of the above categories and work to cross-train our staff.

Personality - Computers have become so essential to our everyday life. Having someone fix your computer is not like having a repair man fix your outdoor sprinklers. Computers are important to us and often very personal.

* A good consultant must be able to explain problems in laymens terms - A good consultant must be able to lay out choices for his customer - A good consultant must be trusted in your house where your children may be present
* A good consultant should have the big picture and look out for your computer needs (backup strategy, hardware purchases, etc.)
* A good consultant is someone you can talk to without getting irritated.
* A good consultant is somebody you can build a professional relationship with and who you can grow to rely upon.

Besides PC computer repair, Zylan Computer Consulting offers

* In-Office/Home Desktop Suppport
* 2003 Server Support
* Exchange Deployment/Support/Recovery
* Virus/Spyware removal
* Backup Strategy/Implementation for home or business
* Quark)FileMaker Pro Support/Development
* Cross-Platform Integration with Macintosh clients or servers
* One on one tutorials

Please contact our recommended PC computer repair in Los Angeles:

PC Computer Repair in Orange County
811 N. Catalina Ave., Suite 2018
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

PC Computer Repair in Los Angeles
11301 W. Olympic Blvd. #492
Los Angeles, CA 90064

PC Computer Repair in San Fernando Valley
5938 Simpson Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91607


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